Saturday, December 6, 2008

Coconut Macarons with lemon curd

Coconut Macarons

This is coconut macaron filled with lemond curd. Another attempt with fine feet. Happy still!
The recipe is adapted from 'I love Macaron'. Instead of using coconut powder. I used dessicated coconut (toast & grind)

20gm Coconut powder
50gm Almond powder
50gm egg white
80gm icing sugar
25gm castor sugar
Temp 150c for abt 7mins (Feet form), reduce 10c after every 1min till 100c and baked for total of 22mins


Missy Ling said...

How does it taste like? Sound interesting. Need to bake for 22min? Mine usu is done after 15min.. more then tat, it became so hard.

FATMUM said...

The mac has coconut aroma and think a chocolate filling will be a better combination.

I timed it and it took me 22mins in all. Maybe got to be my oven cos if a constant temp, the mac get brown very fast.

Anonymous said...

hello your macarons look yummy may i know where did you learn?

FATMUM said...

Hi hi, I learnt through a grp of mummies who post and discuss in a forum thread. It took me 10th attempts to make a successful one. In addition, i bought a book on macarons and pick up the tips from there. (",) You may also want to consider visiting this web site on how to go abt it. Have fun making your own macarons.

FATMUM said...

This is the book I have. Got mine at Page1 vivo written in Chinese