Sunday, April 4, 2010


The recipe for this 地瓜发糕 is from my elder sister. I have reduce the sugar further and I find the sweetness is just nice. I used instant coconut milk instead of freshly squeeze type and it may not be as fragrant as my sister attempt. Overall am still happy with the result as most of the 发糕 were smiling at me when I opened up the steamer.
350g plain flour
350g sugar (I reduced to 280g and add 40gm of gula melake)
150g steamed sweet potatoes (mashed)
150g coconut milk @1/2 fresh coconut ( I used 200gm instant coconut)
200g water
1 tsp double action baking powder ( I used baking powder)
1.5 tsp baking soda
2 tsp of hot water
5 pandan leaves tie into knot
1) Steam sweet potatoes, mashed and set aside. (I used microwave, add 4 tbs of water, high heat for 10mins and stand for another 10mins, mashed)
2) melt sugar in pan till golden brown. Remember to stir continously
3) Add 200ml of water, pandan leaves & gula melake till dissolved.
4) strained (3) and cool it
5) Add coconut milk and mashed sweet potatoes into (4)
6) Strained (5)
7) Add flour into (6) and the batter is on the sticky side
8) Prepare the steamer
9) put 2 tsp of hot water into baking powder and baking soda. You will see lots of bubble.
10) pour (9) into (7)
11) pour batter into cups. The batter should be almost to the rim of cup.
12) placed into boiling steamer and steam for 15-20mins. (Am using egg tart casing and yield about 15 mini 发糕)


DG said...

Nice bloomed Fa Gao! Well done, not everyone succes on doing this.

ERON said...

Dear LH,
Thanks for the'Huat'kueh...Its so yummy and not too sweet at all. Cake texture is also not heavy and dry...Well done on that! HUAT AH!!

FATMUM said...

Thanks DG! me too happy when I saw them smiling at me :)

Esther, you are most welcome!