Monday, February 15, 2010

Black Glutinous Chiffon Cake

The packet of black glutinous flour bought from JB is finally put into use. DG have baked one sometime back and I have been telling myself I should try out the recipe. After knowing from DG that the cake still taste very sweet despite she have reduced the amt of sugar, hence I decided to use only 140gm (the actual amt is 200gm). I find the sweetness is just nice for me. However, I find the fragrance of this cake is not as good as the one that I have baked before.


Anncoo said...

Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family. Never tried Black glutinous chiffon cake before. May I know where to you get this glutinous flour in JB.

FATMUM said...

Anncoo happy new year to u too! The packet of flour was bought from a shop styled bake well located at Larkin. Think soon huang ming fa shld carried this.

homegirl said...

Hi Fatmum,

Can you share and translate the recipe in English as I can't understand Malay?

Thanks! :)