Friday, February 19, 2010

Ashly School CNY Celebration

Ashly made a last minute request from me to bake her cuppies for her to bring to school for her CNY celebration. My fridge was left with only 1 miserable egg. No choice but to borrow 3 from my neighbour. I started baking it at 2130hrs and completed all by past midnight. She was happy to see them the next morning. However, she didn't get to eat while in school as the teacher have placed the cuppies to another corner which she did not manage to take any.

Odd one out and did not turn up to school. : )


Blessed Homemaker said...

Oh.. so pretty!

Simonne said...

Wow beautiful, are u using fondant?


Simonne said...

wow, beautiful!
can i know are u using fondant?
how to make the fondant stick between the cakes?

FATMUM said...

Yes Simonne, am using ready fondant. For this cuppies I did not apply anything beneath. If you really want can glaze a thin layer of apricot gel.