Monday, October 29, 2007

My First Ever BLOG!!

Hei...hei...didn't know creating a blog is so easy. Thanks to Germaine for giving me a free tutorial last 2 weeks ya!! See if I can get a hang of it and showcase to my rascals and of course ah lao. hee..hee...
Time check now is 2334hrs and I'm so excited that I have managed to create my own blog. Can't wait to post some pictures to add colour to the blog. Hmm...may have problem uploading pictures..guess have to explore abit longer to see how to go about it.

Ok found the button to insert image. Need to browse to get a pic from the PC. Didn't realise that I have took so many pics using my SE K800i. Am thinking which one should I post. At last find a pic that was took at the upper pierce reservoir few mths back.

See if it turns out well.Testing ...1....2.....3.... here I go YIPEE!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fatmun,

Can i have your permission to add your link to my blog ?

Also i need to ask you somethings in private , can i mail you ?

Thank's :)

FATMUM said...

Hi Anonymous, sure for the linking and you can drop me a mail via my profile.